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                           RBCT Awareness Film
Reaching Out (Indian Express)
Live Healthy (The Tribune)
Cancer Trust
on Saturday, June 18 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Parade Grounds, sector 17, Chandigarh
Walkathon to create awareness against breast cancer (Indian Express)
For a Cause (Tribune India)
Gurdas Maan sings live to garner funds for Rani, a breast cancer trust (Indian Express)
Cancer Snuffed Out Their Loved Ones' Lives, They Light Candle Of Hope For Others cancersupport.aarogya.com (Indian Express)
Walk for a thought (Tribune India)
Rekha Bhardwaj for RBCT
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What they say!
Think ‘pink’ a healthy women means a healthy society. Support breast cancer awareness and save our women. Ms. Shobha De, Author.
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